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Thank you so much shes amazing i love her so much. Thank you again

He is great!!! Thanks and I will give you updates. Lol we had to clean him up first but he has kissed everyone. We bought our other dog and well he isn’t site but with time it will get better 🙂

They are wonderful! They OWN the yard, know every knook and cranny and play take-away all the time. I think we are now litter mates because they are always trying to climb our legs. We love them so much. Thank you, you have such a gift and we are definitely benefiting!!  Cyndie

Hi Crystal,

Riley’s vet appointment went well. The office staff were going to scan the Vet’s examination and email it to you. I just wanted to confirm that you received it and that everything was in order. The office staff absolutely love him and were snapping lots of pics to send to other schnauzer households.

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 8 reviews
by Brandon Sappington on Blank Business Name
Most Amazing Dog

5 Stars isn't enough. My schnauzer Emma is the best dog I've ever had or had the pleasure of knowing. She's BEAUTIFUL. We joke that for the first year of her life she thought her name was "Awww, cute!" because that's what everyone that saw her said. But more than that she is so sweet and smart and obedient. She'll let you brush her coat or teeth or cut her nails without any fuss. She's an incredible dog, and I'm eternally grateful that she's mine.

by Christine Leech on Blank Business Name
Puppy Love!

It is SO outside of my box to lay down a deposit and purchase something, as important to me as a puppy, sight unseen...But I did.And Crystal did not let me down. She was wonderful to work with, from start to finish.She listened to exactly what it was that I wanted in a pup, even though I changed my mind a time or two, and matched me perfectly with little Gracie.Adorable, yes. But equally matched is her temperament. Gracie is such a calm, easy going, happy little girl. So smart and so eager to please.*feeling grateful*

by Becky and Justin on Blank Business Name

Hello Crystal,We love our little guy. Jeffery is such an awesome dog for our family. He has fit in with our four young daughters. He is a happy, healthy puppy who gets lots of attention for family, friends and strangers when we go out and about.Thank you for a great addition to our family.

by Brenda Rico on Blank Business Name

This review is too long in coming, my beautiful girl is nearly 3 now. But I can tell you that she is a very good, very smart dog and was very easy to train. She still has the energy of a puppy and everyone who sees her comments on how "cute" she is. Her loyalty is fervent for her family members and she makes the greatest house pet. In fact, Bella has convinced my daughter and her family that they want a schnauzer just like her for their family pet. She is definitely one of the family and our lives are richer for it! Thank you Crystal.

by Ronald Lindsey Alamosa, CO Chief of Police (Retired) on Blank Business Name

On Christmas Eve 2015, my miniature Schnauzer of over twelve years passed away. I was devastated, as he was my best buddy. I started looking for another puppy, I wanted another miniature Schnauzer. As the saying goes, once you have a Schnauzer, nothing else will do.I also wanted this puppy to be another black and white, but there was nothing like that to be found in my area. I searched the internet and started calling breeders. One of the first three breeders I contacted was Crystal, of Schnauzers 101, located in Delta, CO.Crystal asked me what my Schnauzer was and I advised her that he was a miniature black and white that weighed about twenty two pounds. Crystal advised me that all her puppies were toy Schnauzers and would only get about half that size. I advised her that I had located a black and white on the internet, she then inquired as to what they were asking for the puppy. Upon telling her the price, she advised me that the price was way too high, further stating that she could buy the best breeding puppy for less. She then stated "I hate it when people take advantage of people." She said she had some friends back East, and said she would try to find me the puppy I was looking for.About three days later, Crystal called. She said that she had some bad news for me, as she was unable to locate the kind of puppy I wanted. I thanked her for her time and effort. I advised her that I was also unable to locate anything but toy Schnauzers, so I thought I was going to settle for a toy. I informed her that I had located a black and white in Texas.She inquired as to the price, and I advised her that this puppy was considerably less than the first puppy I looked at. She once again advised me that this was much more than I should expect to pay for what I was looking for.Again, I thanked her for her time, effort, and advice. I was then prepared to end our conversation. Crystal stated "Just a minute, I saw a black and white this morning." She found the puppy she was searching for and stated "You won't believe this, but that puppy was reserved in the last two hours."I was once more ready to end our conversation, when she advised me to wait a minute. In just a couple of minutes, she said "I found a miniature black and white in Charlotte, North Carolina." She stated that she would contact the breeder and give them my phone number.Later that afternoon, I received a phone call from the breeder. After a few conversations, I bought the puppy. He is everything I had hoped for, and the cost was within the price range that Crystal advised me I should expect to pay.I can't speak highly enough of Crystal's character and professionalism. She went above and beyond to assist me, and not for money, she did it simply because she cares.

by Sherry on Blank Business Name
Amazing Breeder

I have purchased three puppies from Crystal. All three of them are great quality animals and amazing additions to our family. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a puppy to check with Crystal first. She is honest, trustworthy, and A pleasure to work with!

by Ronnie on Blank Business Name
Kobe Bear

Hello Crystal. We've had Kobe Bear for almost 7 months. He is sitting next to me as I write this. This little guy is so smart! He was completely house broken in a matter of weeks, and has settled right in to our home. He loves going for hikes and chasing crows. We love him very much.Ronnie, in San Francisco

by Renee Wells on Blank Business Name
Awesome dogs!

Just recently we bought our second puppy from Crystal. My mother just fell in love with our first puppy, so we purchased a female merle for her. Since my father passed away, this puppy has brought so much joy to my mom. My mother's Vet and whole staff fell in love with the puppys outgoing personality. She has since been on our local Television Pet program, and the Vet will be using her picture for their main advertising. There is no one famous at our house, except the dog! Thanks Crystal for giving us the opportunity of owning some of the finest (and Famous) dogs around. Renee, Sarah & Vera (Alabama)