Flights and Transportation

Mini Schnauzer Puppy Shipping & Transportation

Feel free to call me anytime – 970-901-0216

I do fly puppies all over the US, Canada and some other World Wide locations

FLIGHTS:  flight will leave out of Montrose, CO (MTJ) or Grand Junction, CO (GJT)

US/Canada Flights run $300 for puppies between 8-10 weeks old. Puppies older then 10 weeks are $350.

Two puppies in the US can fly together for $400.

We fly though United/Continental Airlines & Delta Airlines


We can fly puppies out Monday-Friday & occasional weekends

Current overseas shipping locations that we are shipping to now.  If your location isn’t here let me know and I will look into it.  All overseas flights must be priced by me personally.   As they are always different.

Europe:  Heathrow, Manchester, Eden Berg, Stockholm, & Bell fast

Switzerland:  Zurich & Geneva

Italy: Rome & Malon

Germany: Frankfort, Munic, Hamburg & Berlin