Schnauzers 101 is offering a new amazing contract, LIFETIME (10 years).  We have had so many of our bloodlines for so long that we are very confident in our dogs long term health.  The Contract below is for a therapy/companion pet only, breeders will get a different contract.

Puppy: sex _______  sired ________ dam_________ registration_____________ color  ______________

You have paid for a therapy/companion pet only:  You will have no breeding rights of any kind. You will have up to 6 months of the puppy’s age to have him or her Spayed or Neutered. If you are buying a male he will be neutered when you get him provided he is big enough for surgery at 8 weeks old, which is free of charge. Most all males will be big enough for my vet to do them. And your papers will come with him. Schnauzers 101 will hold the registration papers of your puppy until you send me proof that your puppy has been fixed. If your puppy is not fixed by 6 months old this contract will be COMPLETELY VOID. Once I have proof from your vet (which must include Micro-chip # of your puppy), I will send you registration papers. Your puppy has been Micro-chipped already.  You must register this chip in your name within 30 days of getting your puppy, failure to do so will VOID this contract COMPLETELY.

A deposit of $_______ was paid on _______ (ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE). The balance of $________ is due when your puppy is picked-up or 2 weeks before expected flight. Flights are an additional $300.00 (USA or Canada) and must be pre-paid to me in advance of the flight. If said puppy is over 10 weeks old the flight will be $350.00. Plus flight or transport fee’s of $______. If I hold your puppy past 9 weeks old for your needs I will charge you a hold fee of $25 a week until you are ready for the said puppy. If the puppy has to wait for one of my flight dates there will not be a charge.

To the best of my knowledge I am selling a health puppy: it will be deemed healthy by a Licensed Vet before it leaves me via flight.  Schnauzers 101 will not be liable for any expenses, including but not limited to veterinary bills or shipping. You (the purchaser) must take your puppy to a Licensed Vet within 4 working days or receiving the puppy. You must then send me a copy of the vet’s examination within 1 day of the said appointment. Failing to do so will void this entire health guarantee.  If the puppy is not seen fit by a Licensed Vet you must return the puppy immediately at your expense (within 72 hours) with a Licensed Vet’s explanation to prove the defect.  At that time I will give you a full refund for the price of the puppy alone or replace the puppy with another puppy of equal value. No replacement or refund will be given on a deceased puppy without a full Necropsy performed to determine cause of death.

In the unlikely event that your puppy has a life threatening hereditary defect that takes his/her life within 10 years of age Schnauzers 101 will apply half of your puppies purchase price towards another puppy we have for sale. In order for us to honor this guarantee you must do 3 things:  1. Take your dog to a Licensed Vet once a year for health exam, yearly shots and fecal, show proof of said visits.  2. Your dog must be kept on NuVet Vitamins for the full 10 years of life.   You can order your NuVet Vitamins by calling 1-800-474-7044, use ORDER CODE: 42800  (will get a email from Nu-Vet telling me when you buy them or when you don’t).  3. A necropsy must be done on any deceased dog and we get a copy of the report.  Schnauzers 101 will not be liable for any expenses, including but not limited to veterinary bills.  We will not make any guarantees for the disposition, size, color of any puppy, any kind or worm, coccidiosis, parvo, kennel cough, hypoglycemia or Guardia. These parasites and viruses are all to common in puppies and can be contracted from soil, pet stores and many other places. This contract is non-transferable.  

Both parties agree that any  legal disputes of this contract must be held in Delta County, Delta, CO. I the buyer or representative of the puppy have read, understand and agree to the terms above. Acceptance of the said puppy is acceptance of this agreement in full.