Schnauzer Colors


Ransom & Blk Betty 016

Black Parti

Icee-Versace boy 072

Blue Merle

Paradise, Malibu & Wishbone 051

Blue Merle Parti

Paris and Rolex 002

Black N Silver

Rooster, Malibu & Sunset 028

  Black N Silver Parti (with phantom markings)

lmons icee ireland and hollywood 269

Black N Silver Merle


Masaradi 011

Salt N Pepper

62.50, Tuscany 025


Keyara 07

Silver Parti


Salt N Pepper Merle Parti

All Babies May 180

Salt N Pepper Merle

January 2 005

Salt N Pepper Parti

Aug babies 1 044

Liver (aka Chocolate)

Rembrandt & Fusion pups 007

Liver Parti (aka Chocolate Parti)

March 3 052

Chocolate Merle

wishbone & Jellybean 147

Chocolate Merle Parti

Couture 028

Liver Parti (with phantom markings)

China pups, Madison & Tahiti 160

Liver N Tan (with phantom markings)

Rooster, Malibu & Sunset 090

Liver N Tan

Toy & Mini Schnauzer Puppies

Liver N Tan Parti

Outlaw, Orchid & Gator 021

Liver N Tan Merle

Fall 3 pups 060

Liver Pepper

Bentley, Catier, Hollister 234

Liver Pepper Parti

Fall pups 4 078

Liver Pepper Merle (no photo)


Toy & Mini Schnauzer Puppies

Cream (with brown nose)

Winter babies 1 005

White Parti (need to find my pic of one)