Deposit Information

T-Cup Toy & Mini Schnauzer Pre-born Puppy Deposit Information

 if you have questions please call me @ 970-901-0216

Schnauzers 101 prefers to sale almost all babies to therapy/companion pet homes. If you are a breeder please inquire personally.   Because a puppy is listed for a therapy/companion pet home only doesn’t mean that he/she is less quality, it just means I have only chosen a few of my personal choice to offer to breeders.  All the babies we produce are of the best quality.    Tails and dew claws are done on all puppies at 3 days old.  All puppies will have natural ears.  Puppy pre-born deposits  $500 (all deposits is non-refundable), putting a deposit down on a puppy is a commitment to buying a puppy.  

Schnauzers 101 takes Pre-Born Puppy Deposits

Schnauzers 101 Pre-Born Puppy Contract

Deposits are to be taken very seriously!!!  This is a deposit for an unborn puppy. 

A deposit is a commitment to paying for a puppy when the projected puppy is born, at 5 weeks of its age.   If Schnauzers 101 has the projected puppy born that is what the deposit was put down for and you decide you don’t want the puppy at that time for any reason you will forfeit your deposit in full or you can be added back to the pre-born list.                     NO OTHER EXCEPTIONS!   ______

Deposits will be applied to the puppy’s price.

You will be notified once a puppy of your wanting is born. Schnauzers 101 will attempt to contact you 2 times via phone (maybe text) and email, before moving on to the next person waiting on the list. You will have 48 hours to decide if the baby I sent you is your chosen puppy.  I will send you photos via email.  If you are wanting blue eyes and a puppy fits everything else, you want we will hold the baby until we know eye color.  If you want a specific size, we will also hold a baby that has everything else until we know size.   If there is no response from you then you will be forfeiting your deposit.  ______

Deposits will be based on expected size, color, and sex.   Not by litter.  Please feel free to follow our expected litters page on our website if you are excited to know when litters are due.  But I will notify you when we have a baby for your wanting. Also, at any time you may add or take away any of the options on the size, sex, and color.  If you see a baby on our website/FB that you like you may use your deposit for them as well, we are flexible with those changes.  Once a puppy is chosen, I will send you a WELCOME letter with the next steps.  _______

 Thank you for choosing Schnauzers 101 for your next Schnauzer Baby!!!  And if you have questions please call me @ 970-901-0216

Deposits will be based on expected size, color and sex.  Deposits can be made with personal check, Zelle, Venmo or  Paypal (add 3%).

You can contact me for a contract.  And if you have questions please call me @ 970-901-0216