Schnauzer Puppies for Sale – Expected Litters

Schnauzer Puppies for Sale

Upcoming Litters from the Finest T-Cup, Toy and Mini Schnauzers

Expected Litters

Schnauzers 101 now takes Pre-Born Puppy Deposits

See the Deposit info. page for details

Schnauzers 101 is proud to be the #1 Producer of T-CUP, Toy and Mini. MERLE SCHNAUZERS in the WORLD. 

Feel free to call me anytime – 970-901-0216

Schnauzers 101 is offering a new amazing contract, LIFETIME (10 years).  We have had so many of our bloodlines for so long that we are very confident in our dogs long term health.  We have also began testing for over 191 genetic diseases with EMBARK.

We also Guarantee your puppy to have a Super/Mega coat.  Every dog we own has a Mega coat and we stand behind our premium hair coats.  This is only 1 of many things that sets us apart from other breeders.

******once the parents have mated & I have confirmed the pregnancy via ultrasound I will post a due date.******


Our babies for pet homes run $1,700-$2,500 depending on color and eye color for toy and mini. Reds run $2,500 (pet price). T-cups run $3,000. Breeders must inquire for different price‚Äôs. Our babies are mega coated, they come micro-chipped, & come with slip leash, tags, sample of food, toy, greenie, vitamins, 10 year health guarantee (contract in writing), vets health certificate, & Birth Certificate. We are in Colorado and can fly them with a nanny, in cabin, on lap……


Holly & N-Ferno due 8-30


Mila & Suddenly due 9-3


Forge & Blur due 9-5


Temptation & Captain Jack due 9-7


Blessed & Smash due 9-9


Tinkerbell & Major due 9-9


Vienna & Smash due 9-9


more litter postings coming very soon


BUYER BEWARE: Using veterinary services from Banfield Animal Hospital voids this contract in its entirety!!  Any documentation from any Banfield affiliate will not be considered as part of this guarantee.