This page is dedicated to our Retires!  

Some of them have stayed with until their passing, some are still here happily with us, some have moved on to there forever homes and a few young dogs have moved on to small breeding homes.  The ones that we have felt especially close to will never leave us, we call them our sweethearts, they get to be free and roam on our 20 acres as they please and sleep in the house at night.


Baby Blue

MSCA and AKC Registered Blue Merle – MEGA COAT-14.0 lbs., Miss Baby Blue was produced here at Schnauzers 101.  She is one of our sweethearts and will never leave our home.  She sleeps every night in our home with our daughter Charlie.  Baby Blue was spayed on her 6 YO birth date.  I have kept some stunning Baby Blue pups over the years, Toby, Sapphire, Couture, Tuscany, Oakley and Platinum.



MSCA Registered – Black N Silver Merle – Mega Coat – 8.8 lbs., Masarati has a crazy story I sold him as a baby to a small in home breeder on the east coast, then just before adulthood his owner became very ill, so I bought him back, he then spent one year here with us.  I only bred him twice in that year because I just had to many males at the time, so we sold him to a start up breeder.  Masarati is out of our Cooper and Rembrandt!

  Masaradi 022



AKC Registered – Salt N Pepper – Mega coat – 9.4 lbs – Yes his name is really 62.50, I know that is a silly name but there is a story behind it.  I calculated how much of his eyes are blue and then named him the number, lol.  62.50 was produced here at Schnauzers 101 and I have kept a few of his babies, Redemption & Randsom.  62.50 was the very first AKC Blue Eyed Schnauzer to have the mega coat in the world.  He will now reside with a small breeder.

62.50, Tuscany 025  62.50, Tuscany 085



Supercoat Merle Schnauzer


AKC Registered – White Parti – Mega Coat – 6lbs. – Ireland is such a tiny beauty.  She only had one litter her with us which resulted in one baby and after that we decided to have her spayed by our vet and then we gave her away to her for ever home.  She wasn’t produced here, but she is a full sister to our Stunning Miss Hollywood.

 Almons, Icee, Ireland and Hollywood 236



Tahari is the boss around most of the dogs, shes small but that never stops her from letting anyone know she is present.  She is AKC Registered and a Black Parti (non-faded) with a MEGA COAT.  She weighs in at 8.4 lbs..

couture and tahari 088



AKC Registered – White – average coat – 13 lbs. – This was our first Avalanche, he was our first White male.  He was funny and playful.  We got him as a young adult.  We had him fixed and he was placed in his forever home years ago. 

Avalance 1



Miss Lilly Pad, as we call her is very sweet, with a laid back personality.  She is Registered  with the AKC.  She has the most amazing Mega coat and she is a very dark Liver that is truly not faded.   She weighs in at 13.8 lbs.  Lilly’s mom is my retired Belle (7lbs.) and her dad is retired TAZ (14lbs.).


Baby Phat

MSCA Registered – Black – Mega Coat – 13 lbs. – Baby Phat was a super sweet girl, she was produced here at Schnauzers 101.  We only had 2 litters by her and had her spayed by our vet and then gave her to her new forever home.  We still have her full sister/litter-mate Mercedes.  

  Baby Phat, Mercedes, BB BLK pup 134



AKC Registered – Liver – average coat – 6.9 lbs. – Belle is such a sweet old gal, she was our very first chocolate schnauzer.  Belle was a hard to find non-faded Liver.  She was tiny but loved to play outside as much as she could, trying to chase horses.  We had out vet spay Belle at 6 years old and then we gave her away to her forever home, she resides with an elderly family.  We did keep a couple of Belle’s babies who also have the non-faded Liver gene, Demon & Lilly.




AKC Registered Black – MEGA COAT 12.0 lbs.



AKC Registered – Liver Pepper – Mega Coat – 9 lbs. – Catier is a quiet but loyal girl, we had he spayed by our vet at 3 1/2 years old and placed her in her forever home.  We never did keep any of her babies.  She is a half sister to our Versace.

 Bentley, Catier, Hollister 234



AKC Registered – Black N Silver – average coat – 8.8 lbs. – Sparkles is a quiet but very sweet dog.  I got her and her litter mate sister at the same time.  I named them both Sparkles.  I was interested in these 2 girls because they don’t carry for Parti and that is hard to find these days.  My intentions were to bred them once and keep a baby by them that would be an improvement.  I did bred each Sparkles once as planned and sold the sisters to the same breeder to carry out there breeding career.  I kept my amazing Redemption.

  Blk N slv girls 061



AKC Registered – White – average coat – 22 lbs. – Awwww…….. My darling Miss Cola Bear.  She was my first White and she is the reason I love the white’s so much, I had to wait on a list for 2 years to get her.  Cola Bear was my side kick for 13 plus years.  She was a big old girl, but I didn’t care we loved her so much.  She was spayed by my vet when she was 6 and we kept her until her passing.

Cola 3



MSCA Registered – Chocolate Merle Parti – Mega coat – 13.8 lbs – Couture was a good buddy, my girls had a lot of fun with him and were sad when he left us.  He was produced here at Schnauzers 101. We never bred him much due to the fact that we had his older brother here Toby who was breeding alot.  We sold Couture when he was 2 years old to a breeder just getting into the Merles.  I only kept one of his babies, but she was only 6 lbs. grown so we sold her as a older pup.

Couture 028



AKC Registered Liver N Tan – MEGA COAT – 9.5 lbs.



MSCA Registered – Blue Merle – Mega coat – 8.8 lbs. – Einstein was produced here at Schnauzers 101, was never kept any of his babies.  We didn’t bred him a whole lot as we just had to many related to him.  So just at his 3 year old birth date we sold him to a family who had one Schnauzer female to bred, he resides very happy living in there home with one wife.

dogs 119



MSCA Registered – Chocolate Merle – Mega Coat – 8.8 lbs. – Escalade is an awesome girl, very well behaved and playful.  She was produced here at Schnauzers 101.  In fact we still have her full sister/litter-mate Gucci.  We had a new breeder in the United Kingdom interested in breeding Merles, so we shipped her to the UK when she was 3 1/2 years old.  I only kept one baby by her, Einstein.

GQ and Escalade 065



AKC Registered – Silver – Mega Coat – 10 lbs. – We bought Gunner as a matured breeding dog.  Hoping to bred his lines into our Merles.  When I bought him I was really looking for a Black male for about 6 months and then when I seen him I new he would be a good one while a young pup would have time to grow up.  I kept 5 daughters of Gunner before selling him, Serenity, Platinum, Rolex, Paris & Serengeti, .  He was only here for one year.  He is now fixed in a pet home. 

Gunner 1



MSCA Registered – Silver Merle – Mega Coat – 8 lbs. – Jazzabelle as we call her is very well behaved when you are with her, but she is known as the neighborhood trouble maker.  She can be a real brat, we keep between 5-7 lose at all times and all can be perfect until Jazzy is out, before you know it everyone is out following Jazzy around.  Now they only go next door, but that is where she can chase cows.  Hmmmmmm……  Jazzy belongs to my daughter Coral and sleeps with her every night.  She was spayed by our vet on he 6 year old birthday and will stay here with us for forever.  Jazzy was produced here and we did keep 3 of her babies over the years, Escalade, Gucci & Mozart.

jazzy 015



AKC Registered – White – average coat – 10.8 lbs. – Journey was pretty shy but liked people.  We named her Journey because we knew it would be a Journey to make improvements on her pups.  Lucky for us Journey gave us a super nice pup in her first litter.  We only bred her 3 times and retired her early.  We did keep only one pup by her which was Italy.

Journey 002



AKC Registered – Silver – average coat – 12 lbs. – Coral Baby Keyara, was one of a kind, a very stoic girl her whole life.  She never let my kids get more then a few feet away from her.  We lived on the ranch for most of her life and you always knew who’s house the kids were at just by her waiting outside, even if it meant waiting in bad weather.  She was Coral’s dog we owned her sire Simba, notice the Lion King names.   We had our vet spay her and she lived her life here until her unexpected passing at age 10 a few years ago.  Her grandmother was my first schnauzer.  She is very missed around here.

Keyara 07



MSCA Registered – Blue Merle Parti – average coat – 6 lbs. – Paris was a tiny little girl we sold her just before she was 1 year old.  We didn’t produce her but she was sired by our old stud Toby after he was sold.  Paris just really never got the hair we were looking for and we was hoping she would get bigger at the time.  She went to her forever home for a one time mating to be done.

Paris and Rolex 002



Paris and Rolex 041



AKC Registered – Black Parti (with ticking) – 6.8 lbs. – Paris is a sweet tiny girl.  We retired her to a pet home at 3 years old.  She belongs to a little girl now.  I get to still groom her as she is with my house keeper.  Paris was sired by my retired male above Gunner.

Paris, Relic and Italy 015



AKC Registered – Liver N Tan – average coat – 7.8 lbs. – Italy is a very loving girl, we bred her a few times and got some amazing babies, he son 62.50 and Tahiti are just a few.  We let Italy go to a small breeding home where she had just one last litter at the age of 3 and then she was spayed.  Italy is out of Cooper and Journey and was born with us.

Paris, Relic and Italy 047  Paris, Relic and Italy 052



Gucci has a very chill personality, she is very well behaved and never does wrong.  She is MSCA Registered and Blue Merle. She has a MEGA COAT and weighs in at 11.5 lbs..  Gucci was raised here by retired Jasmine (7.8 lbs.) and Kody (12 lbs.).



GQ 2015 068



Valentino 041



AKC Registered – Black Parti (with ticking) – 11 lbs. – average coat – Parker was my very first Parti and I was parnter’s on him.  He sure gave us the Parti buzy.  He has been retired for years now.

Parker 3



MSCA Registered – Blue Merle – Mega Coat – 10 lbs. – Sapphire is a own daughter of our Baby Blue and a full sister to my retired Toby.  We sold Sapphire and Toby as a pair to a breeder and she is now fixed.

sa 24



MSCA Registered – Silver Merle Parti – Mega Coat – 9.4 lbs. – Sabatini was sold to a very good friend of mine in California to be her only Merle stud.  We sold him because we just had to many boys at the time and she needed a nice dog.  He enjoys hanging out with her small crew.

Sabatini & pups 045



MSCA Registered – Blue Merle – Mega Coat – 11 lbs. – Stery as we often call her, is still here with us and will be for ever.  She gets to hang out with her mom and 2 full sister’s, Baby Blue and Jasmin.  She was spayed at her 6 Yo birthday and we have kept a few of her babies around here too.  Superman is her son.

  ster 08 1



AKC Registered – Liver Parti – Mega coat – 14 lbs. – Tazz is a big old boy, we bought him as an adult, because we didn’t own a boy to bred to my Bella, we only had him long enough to bred 2 girls when a breeder friend called me in desperate need of a boy.   So I sold him because Bella was ready to retire after he litter and I really needed a smaller male.  Taz is the dad to my Lilly above.

 – tazz 2



MSCA Registered – Blue Merle – Mega Coat – 16 lbs. – Toby is a big old baby, just a ball of fur.  We had sold Toy when he was just 2 years old.  At that time we just had to many other related to him and no one to bred him to.  He sold with his sister/litter mate by his side, which was bitter sweet.  He is by my beloved Baby Blue.  I have a special son by him GQ and daughter Mercedes.  I cried when I sent him to his new breeding home.

  t 41



MSCA Registered – Blue Merle – Mega Coat – 8.8 lbs – Tuscany had one litter of babies for us and I really wanted a new White girl to ad to my crew and around here if I get a new baby, then I have to make room.  Having several other Blue Merle’s at the time I parted with Tuscany.  She was just under 2 years old.  She is in a very small breeding home.  Tuscany was out of Elvis and Baby Blue.

Tuscany 014



AKC Registered – Black N Silver – average coat – 10 lbs. – Ember can to us from a breeder who was getting out of the business, we bred her just a couple of times.  We had no interest in really selling her.  Then a breeder friend of mine called me and said she needed a Black N Silver girl, that her daughter’s just died and she was crushed, so we parted with Ember for her daughter.  She will retire soon.




AKC Registered – White Chocolate – 8.4 lbs – London is a quiet little wiggly girl.  London was not raised here and I sold her to a small breeder .

Whites 029