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Want to learn more about Merle Schnauzers: Schnauzers 101 (formally Designer Puppy’s) is very proud to be the Major creator of the Merle Schnauzer.

Generational Chart:

1/2 = 50/50

3/4 = 75/25

7/8 = 84/16

1/16 = 92/8


So in all proper Merle Sch . crosses the % of offspring should always go up in each generation.  Thus the higher number is the Sch. % in the dog.


When the breed was created

The first real know Merle Schnauzer was born in 2006 (Designer’s Miss Baby Blue), people became immediately drawn to them as they are so uniquely colored.  Merle Schnauzers were created to bring new colors to the great breed of the Schnauzer.

 The Magic Cross and Personality

All Merle Schnauzers are made up of an original crossing of two breeds.  In my cross I breed a Mini. Schnauzer and a Mini. Aussie.  I am the first to do this cross, therefore I am the founder of the breed. I am also the very first one to document and register true Merle Schnauzers.Once you use the Aussie it will never be used again.  Therefore the Aussie genetics’ are bred out over time and the end result is to keep the Merle Gene. The overall goal is to have Stunning Exotic Merle Schnauzers.

My Merle Schnauzers are highly intelligent, very loyal and loving.   They get along well with other pets and love to travel with the family.  Merle Schnauzers are great for the whole family no matter what age you are.  They love children and spend much of there time guarding them and their home.  They are tough, playful, clever, fearless, hardy and love to go on walks or just hang out in the house.  I will only use all AKC dogs in and after my first cross. All my puppies come with a full pedigree and registration papers.

This breed/cross is in no way aggressive……………..

A Mini. Aussie is not aggressive in anyway.  Actually when in a uncomfortable situation they will run and hide.  There is a breeder stating that they have aggressive personality’s.  This is absolutely not true.  I think she is confusing them with the standard Aussie’s,  they have a different temperament then the Mini. Aussie’s do.  As do the Giant Schnauzers to the Mini. Sch..  If I went around and compared the Giants Schnauzers to the Minis, you would see a huge difference in personality’s.  A Giant in fact is very aggressive and a mini, not at all.  So now think of the Standard Aussie and a Mini Aussie.  Two different temperaments.  So next time this breeder should do her homework first.

Life span and Size

The life span of a Merle Schnauzer should be about 12-15 years with minimal health problems.  They are great dogs for people who have allergies, since they have little to no shedding.  The more generations of Schnauzer crossed in leads to less shedding.   They can adapt to any climate and like city life or the country life.

Merle Schnauzers come in a variety of sizes, from T-CUP (3-5 lbs.), Toy (6-10 lbs.) to Mini. (11-22 lbs.).


Merle Schnauzers come in an array of colors:  Keep in mind that not all babies in a litter are Merle, this is why the MSCA has Categories for all colors.

Black, Blue Merle, Liver, Chocolate Merle, Liver N Tan, Liver N Tan  Merle, Liver Pepper, Liver N Pepper Merle, Wheaton, Wheaton Merle, Silver, Silver Merle, Black & Silver, Black & Silver Merle, White, White Chocolate, Salt N Pepper, Salt N Pepper Merle and all of these colors come in Parti colors too.

Why I have done this!

Back in 2005 I met a lady in Ark. (Janell Newby), she bought some TOY Schnauzer puppies from me.  Then she sent me a email of a few pic.’s. of her Blue Merle.    The first word from my mouth was WOW.  I knew it was a cross.  I called her right away to find out how she got it.  She started with a Pom and a Schnauzer, called a Pomanoz.   Now I have always been a Merle fan in other breeds, but never thought of crossing to get it.   I have always only bred AKC dogs.  And I still do bred AKC dogs too.  So I decided at that moment to bred a cross of my own to produce Merles.  I started my search for a good cross, thinking I could find a cross that would be more like a Schnauzer.  These Merles are no accident, I did much research to find the best cross I could.

 What is my goal……….

My goal is to produce the highest quality T – CUP, TOY & MINI. MERLE SCHNAUZER’S as possible.   I do now have my Merle’s 100% AKC Blooded.

Old Registry and New registery

NEW REGISTRY:  Yes these new exciting colors of the Merle’s are registered threw the MERLE SCHNAUZER CLUB OF AMERICA.    As the Schnauzer breed has evolved over the last 15 years with more and more colors coming out.  Now I have helped to included a new color.  OLD REGISTRY:  I am the first person to Register the Merles with the ACHC.  I registered them first there as Mini. Schnauzzies, but had to quit with them since they will only let you register the first two generations and then you have to go back to your cross.  The second reg. company that I went with was the DDKC, they contacted me after the owner and President of the company had visited my site and had read about what I was trying to accomplish.  She then offered for me to register with them.  I was also allowed to rename the bred and chose Confetti Schnauzers.  I am the creator/founder of Confetti Schnauzers.   The name really stands for all colors, lots of exciting colors.  It is all part of Evolving.   The name Confetti Schnauzers has nothing to do with the Merle color, it is a name for the bred cross.

Anyone who has bred Schnauzers very long and knows their history and colors that came with this bred and Merle is not one of them.   So no matter what if you find a Merle Schnauzer there was another breed added along the way.


After much encouragement by AKC, APRI and other Registration Company’s I started a Parent Club for the Merles.  All dog breeds have only one Parent Club, the role of each is to set the standards of the breed.  Once the Parent Club was off the ground I was once again encouraged by many clients to also Register the dogs just as the Labrodoodle Parent Club does.  So now the MSCA is like the AKC for the Merle Schnauzers.  Our final resting place for the breed.

 Getting real

People who have problems with the Merles should keep reading.

***Purebred dog owners may put down the humble mixed breed dog the strange thing is: Purebred Dogs Are Merely Strain-Refined Mutts!  ALL dog breeds were mixes to start with.

All dog breeds are essentially mixed breeds even the purebreds. Purebred dogs are so entitled because over several generations they have been specifically bred for selective traits. The same thing is happening here with the Merles just in this day and age.  Yes it will take many generations to go back and have the same great purebred Schnauzer.  But it will happen.

Take a look at the new colors brought/re-birthed into the Schnauzers in the early 90’s.  Parti, Liver, Liver N Tan, White Chocolate and Wheaton.  If you know even the simplest genetics you will know that these colors were absolutely not possible without breeding them in with another bred just as I have.

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