Housebreaking a Schnauzer with Crate Training

Housebreaking smaller dogs like schnauzers can be a bit trickier than the larger dogs, because they’re independent. Sometimes, if Training Schnauzersnot done properly, potty training can take a long time. This happens because accidents aren’t a result of the dog not knowing rules, it happens because he or she is trying to push your limits. Dogs, in adolescent years, will try to break the rules often. This is how they learn what you will and will not accept in the house. This is exactly why crate training is the best option for a small dog.


What is Crate Training?


For the first few weeks, you’ll want to keep your schnauzer in the crate over night. The puppy stays in the cage until bathroom time. If he or she doesn’t do business outside, it’s back to the crate for another ten to fifteen minutes. You’ll have to take many trips outside at first, but it will be worth it to have a well-behaved, potty-trained puppy.


How does Crate Training Help with Housebreaking?


Naturally, the puppy will not want to go to the bathroom in his or her crate, because he or she sleeps there. This teaches the puppy to hold it in until they go outside.


Eventually, the dog will learn to love the crate and think of it as a bedroom and own personal space.


Important Tips:


·         Don’t punish accidents, dogs don’t understand until you teach them about proper bathroom etiquette. You never want your schnauzer to be afraid of going to the bathroom.


·         By the same measure, never forget to cheer and reward good bathroom behavior with a treat. Dogs respond to positive reinforcement much better than punishment anyways.


·         Buy an enzyme cleaner like BIO DOG for accidents. This will remove the puppy’s scent, so he or she doesn’t consider your favorite carpet “marked territory”.


These are just a few helpful tips to get you started.  See how your new puppy responds to different techniques.  In the end, remaining patient and discipline will work.  Do not get too frustrated and stick with the process.  Eventually they’ll learn and you’ll get to a comfortable spot where you don’t have to worry anymore about unwanted accidents.
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